Heat Relief Soon! – Wednesday Video

Are you tired of summer heat and humidity in October?  Stand by.  There’s better news ahead.  Two cool fronts.  The first one today not such a big deal…but the front on Monday you will really like!  I’ll break down the details of the weekend forecast, and the nice change on the way after the weekend.  You’ll like what you see.  This is your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.

Today will be hot again…with a high in the upper 80’s and maybe some spotty showers along this first “cool front” moving through.  This front will lower the humidity a bit behind it tomorrow.

So just a little more tolerable next 3 days before “The Real Deal” cold front arrives on Monday

Front number 1 today will lower the dewpoints for the next 3 days.  So it will be more tolerable.  Front number 2 on Monday will bring in much cooler, much nice air…hang on!!

The GFS raw model temps. gives you an idea of how nice that second front on Monday will be.  Relief is on the way!



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