Much Cooler Air Days Away – Thursday Video

That front, that came through yesterday, may knock down the humidity a tiny bit,  but, it wasn’t much of a front.  On this video I will update the weekend weather details and we’ll look ahead to that significant cool front which will arrive Monday.  And attention cool weather fans, I see other significant cold fronts before this month is over.  Here’s your Thursday morning personal weather briefing


Slightly less humidity today and tonight.  That wasn’t much of a front that moved through here yesterday.

We have some very warm days ahead over the weekend.   While the rain chances are small, they are not zero.

By Sunday night into early Monday, the cool front sweeping through the state could touch off a few showers, before much nicer air arrives.

Lows will be in the 50’s by Tuesday morning.


Here’s a snapshot of the model guidance temperature forecast for the Euro and GFS…





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