Iron Bowl Forecast and the Week Ahead

We have had such a variety of Iron Bowl Gameday weather over the past 35 years, from rain & cold and wind, to Tornado Warnings.  Today will be one of the nicer game day forecasts.

An approaching weak cool front will spread a layer of mostly high clouds, streaming across the area. I’ll call it mostly cloudy with a few “sun breaks”.  But, it should be a very comfortable day.  After a cool start, we are headed for the mid to upper 60’s  The front moves into south Alabama tonight, setting the state for  a cool Sunday and a cold Sunday night.

IRON BOWL GAME DAY FORECAST:  After a chilly start, near 40 around sunrise, a very mild day is on the menu.  Partly sunny skies and 67 at Kickoff is just about ideal!  By the end of the game, mid 50’s are likely.  Great tailgating weather before and after the game. Temperatures will stay in the 50’s through 10PM.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Sunday and Monday will be rather cool. Coldest morning will be Monday morning with middle 30’s.  Then, look for a big warming trend in the week ahead.  Low 70’s are a good bet by Wednesday & Thursday.  A frontal bring will bring a chance of showers late week.  Right now, though, models disagree on the amount of moisture available for showers.  So far Montgomery has only had .66” for the month of November, nearly 3 inches below normal.

SPACE STATION TONIGHT AND SUNDAY NIGHT:  Two very bright ISS “flyovers” will be visible in prime-time, tonight and tomorrow night.  This evening, because of the Iron Bowl game excitement, which should have just ended, I’m not sure how many folks will be looking up for the Space station.  Check out the southwest & west sky around 6:25 and 6:26PM.  It will be very bright, but then it will seem to fade out in the western sky as it loses visible light.

Sunday evening, the ISS will streak across the southeast sky between about 5:32-5:35PM.  Again, the Space station will be very bright.  Set an alarm on your phone to remind you.  It should be a good one.

I don’t see any big storm systems on the way this week.  I’ll have another post tomorrow and your next video will be Monday morning at 4:45AM.

Have a great Iron Bowl weekend!   Enjoy the game!


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