Late Week Front Will Bring Showers – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!  Another near freezing start, but a remarkable recovery on the way and 2 or 3 very Spring-like days in our future before the Cool Front which could bring some showers.  On this video, I’ll walk you through the timeline and the details through the weekend and beyond.  Plus, we’ll look beyond the horizon.  Could we see a December temperature plunge, and when?


Remarkable warm-up today after a chilly start.  We should be near 70 this afternoon.  Tonight will not be as cold.  We only fall to the 40’s.

We have a few Spring-like days to look forward to this week, before a Thursday Cool Front brings in the threat of showers, followed by a cool-down.

Looking at the FAR distant horizon, we continue to see signs of a very spring-like first week of December, followed by a dramatic cool-down during the 2nd week of December and beyond.

For the most part, the American GFS model also sees the big temperature slide in the second week of December.


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