Cool Start This Week, Then Warming – Monday Video

Good Morning on a cold Monday morning!  This week starts rather cool and ends rather mild, as we end the month of November Thursday on a unseasonably warm note.  A cold front is on the way, which could brings some much needed rain.  I’ll update you on the time line.  How cool will we get behind the cold front?  I’ll look ahead to the first weekend in December, and beyond.  Here’s your Monday AM personal weather briefing.


After a cold start this morning, look for cool sunshine, but a nice day today.  Lows in the upper 30’s tonight.

Look for a warming trend starting tomorrow and through Thursday, before a Cold Front brings showers Thursday.

We are dry now.  We need the rain.  More than 3″ below normal for November so far.

The Euro model advertises some much cooler air after the first week of December is over.  Perhaps a rather cool to cold time mid and late December.

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