Cold & Wet, then Colder – Special Wednesday Video

With Cold Air funneling into the state and a series of disturbances riding along the Gulf coast, the forecast is both nasty and complicated, especially through Friday.  I will do my best to walk you through the tricky details.  Yes, you will hear me mention the “S” word.  PLUS, another shot of very cold arrives just in time for the weekend.  Coats, hats, gloves ready?  You will need them.  Lots of important information for you on your Friday morning weather briefing.

Complicated scenario as the cold air funnels into the state while disturbances ride along the Gulf coast.  Cold, wet and nasty.

The most interesting scenario that gets the most interest from many is the potential for a rain & snow mix Friday morning and mid-day, before it all turns back to rain.

So, very Winter like for several days, with rain today and Thursday, and a possible rain and snow mix early Friday, then another shot of colder air arrives Saturday.  Are you ready for winter?

The Global Models continue to advertise Winter Cold for several days.


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