Springtime in December – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!   Is it December or Spring?  It’s a complex forecast for the next few days.  Wet & stormy at times.  I’ll show you which days have the best rain chances, and how much rain is expected.  Plus: What about Christmas weekend?  There are some new wrinkles, and new question marks.  I have the latest update on the Christmas Day forecast, too.  Lots of good information on your Monday morning personal weather briefing.

Another round of showers and storms today, mostly for the southern half of the state.  High in the mid 60’s

Amazing Spring-like forecast for the week ahead with highs in the 60’s and 70’s and frequent episodes of shiowers and storms.



Strong cold front brings a round of showers and storms late Friday, Friday night into Saturday morning.  Then, later in the weekend, Gulf moisture rides up and over cooler air at the surface.   It’s too early to speculate whether we could see some wintry precipitation in a set-up like this.


Here’s an early stab at the Christmas Day forecast.  Some complex questions remain about the details.  I will tweak the forecast as this week unfolds.

Winter officially begins Thursday.


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