Dramatic Changes: Christmas Arctic Plunge – Friday Video

Get ready for a dramatic change of seasons very soon.  It’ll feel like Spring-time today and half of tomorrow, before the dramatic changes start, and our temperatures tumble.  I’ll update you on the rain chance through Saturday.  I have updated the highs and lows through Christmas Day, as the arctic air engulfs the state.  Could there be another storm system Christmas week, which could affect travel?

I’ll wrap it all up in a nice neat 3 minute package on your Friday morning personal weather briefing, as Christmas weekend begins.

Is this the first full day of Winter or Spring?   Amazing warm day in December today, before the bottom drops out over the weekend.

Two fronts move through the state tomorrow.  First the Polar Cold Front brings the showers, with the Arctic Front close behind on it’s heels.

A narrow line of showers and maybe some thunderstorms will move through the state tomorrow. Not much rain expected as the front moves through.

Dramatic changes over Christmas Weekend as the arctic air takes hold.  A cold Christmas Week forecast ahead.

Later next week, another storm system could have a big effect on Holiday travel over a wide area of the country.  Here’s a snapshot of Thursday night.

The Euro global model shows the dramatic change to colder over Christmas weekend and through New Years weekend.




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