Spring-time in February – The Week Ahead –Monday Video

Good Morning!  The big rains are moving away, but we have a cloudy, grey Monday..  On this video, I’ll walk you through the week ahead.  Still looks like Winter is on hold for the next several days.  I’ll run down the daily rain chance and we’ll see what cooler days could be in our future.  Is winter coming back anytime soon?  I’ll show you the next 16 days for any clues of the return of Winter.  Here’s your Monday morning weather video from 2,100 miles away in the Pacific northwest.


Today, that stalled front which dominated the weekend, will start to move away today.  We will briefly be a little cooler today, but now cold.

Very Spring-like this week…with winter on hold.  Small rain chances each day.

The Global Models (The Euro and GFS) paint a picture of a very mild next 15-16 days.  Spotty showers will be around from time to time this week, but the next significant front arrives late Friday, followed by briefly cooler air over the weekend.  Then, temperatures bounce back quickly next week.




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