Winter On Hold For Now –Tuesday Video

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Again, a little later video, this morning..I’m on Pacific time.  Still looking for any signs of winter air over the next several days.  I’ll update the rest of the week, and the daily rain chances.  A weekend frontal system will be the next big weather player for Alabama.  Will it affect any of your plans?  And, will take a peek, down the road for the rest of February to see if old man winter will be coming back to town.  Here’s your Mardi Gras forecast from Bellingham, Washington.



Next few days look very Springlike.  In fact, even this weekend with a cold front, the temperatures won’t cool off much.


Looks like the warmest day will be Thursday, with amazing warmth across the eastern US.


Rainfall will be heaviest across north Alabama, over the next 7 days, but notice how the amounts go way down in central Alabama and hardly any in the southern counties.



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