Re-writing the Record Book – Into the 80’s – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!  Yesterday’s 82° was just shy of the record.  But, today, we almost certainly will break a record.  In fact, we will be in record territory for at least the next 4 days!  How long will this pattern last.  I’ll show you a couple of fronts on the way.  One front will TRY to make it through, but the second one may succeed.  I’ve adjusted the daily rain chances.  And, we’ll check the distant horizon for what looks like the return of cooler/colder temperatures…on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.

Showers will dot the radar screen this afternoon, but they will be few and far between.  Look for a record high.  Today’s record of 80 should easily be broken.

Dozens and Dozens of records could fall across the eastern US today and tomorrow…and perhaps 150 records in the next 4 days.


Unbelievable warmth next several days.  Best rain chances are Wednesday evening, but an even better chance of showers and thunderstorms Saturday night into Sunday, as a second cool front actually makes it all the way through the area.

A string of record highs are in our future next few days.


Global Models advertise a trend to cooler and even colder during the next 2 weeks+




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