Early May Heat – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  It’s starting to feel more and more like summer.  And, it’s not just the temperature rising.  On this video, we’ll talk about this early summer preview.  I have some updated numbers for you.  How long will this current pattern last? Plus, showers return this weekend, but if you have weekend plans the news is not too bad.  I have the latest for you as we get you ready for the weekend and beyond on your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.


Yesterday’s high was 85.  Today we head toward the upper 80’s.


Severe weather outbreak continues in the nation’s mid section. today and tomorrow.  Especially high risk near Kansas City.  There were 21 tornado reports yesterday.

We will tease the 90 degree mark for the first time Thursday.  And, it gradually feel more humid, too.  Scattered showers return this weekend, but I have lowered the rain chance to the 30% range.

Uh oh.  The dewpoint level, which has been in the “OK” 50’s, will ease into the “not OK” 60’s next few days.  It will feel humid.  Still, though, not oppressive, like the 70+ dewpoints we live with all summer.

Looks like a pretty good Beach Forecast, despite the fact a few scattered showers will be roaming around this weekend.  No biggie, at all.

No relief in sight on the Pollen Outlook.  Medium high range continues.




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