Feels Like June – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  The calendar says May 3rd but it feels more like June 3rd.  Today could be the hottest day of 2018 so far.  On this video, we’ll talk about this early May heat and increasing humidity.  What about the weekend shower risk?  I’ll show which part of the state has the best chance of rain. We’ll take a look ahead through next rain for signs of any rain and an update on our extended May Heatwave.  We’ll cover it all on your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.

Alabama continues to heat up.  Will reach 90 degrees for the first time this year?  We will be in the neighborhood.

The very warm early pattern continues for several days.  Scattered showers and thundershowers are possible this weekend, but the rain chances are relatively small.

It’s starting to feel more humid everyday.   Dewpoints will creep into the lower 60’s today and edge toward the mid 60’s tomorrow.  That’s quite humid.

Rain chances will be very minimal at the Beach this weekend but not zero.




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