Searching For Rain Drops – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  The news for the next few days involves summer heat and, unfortunately, a prolonged period of dry weather.  On this video, I’ll show how hot we may get late  this week and into the weekend.  The new 7 day rain prospects are not zero, but they are not good.  Will the beach be any cooler?  I have the weekend Beach Forecast.  I’ll run it all down for you on your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.


It’s only May, but it’ll feel more like summer today and for the next several days.  We will be in the neighborhood of 90 this afternoon.


This is like a summer forecast, with highs each day at or above 90.  Rain prospects are not good through Monday.

Just an incredibly good weekend Beach Forecast…  Enjoy.

Scattered showers and maybe some thundershowers should be back by Tuesday, but even then, rainfall amounts should be minimal.  The new Drought Monitor Map comes out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the Day — At Montgomery Regional Airport.  The Hurricane Awareness Tour is coming to Montgomery for the first time.  The public is invited the Hurricane Hunter airplanes from 2 to 5PM.








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