Record Breaking Heat? – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  It’s not just hot.  Looks like we may be in Record Breaking territory for the next 4-5 days.  On this video, I’ll update the numbers and the details through a Hot Mother’s Day weekend and beyond.  We’ll talk when much needed rain may return to our area.  Plus, Welcome to Montgomery Hurricane Awareness Tour 2018.  Today is the day!


After 90 degrees yesterday, we are headed for low 90’s today.  The record for today happens to be 93.  We may be close.

Blazing May heat, more like summer.  Mostly dry.  Hot Mother’s Day weekend.  Shower risk returns early next week.

String of record highs are possible.  We will be in record high territory through Sunday.

Absolutely sensational Mother’s Day weekend beach outlook.

Rain chances get a little better, especially Tuesday and Wednesday.  Amounts around.25″ don’t sound like much, but when you are in a drought, it’s better than nothing.

Yesterday the NOAA 2018 Hurricane Tour was in Baton Rouge. Today, we are honored to have the Tour at Montgomery Regional Airport.  Including two of the Hurricane Hunter aircraft from the Air Force and NOAA.  Several dignitaries will be here.  Public aircraft tours from 2 to 5PM.




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