SATURDAY UPDATE:  Near Record Weekend Heat – Then, Wet Week Ahead

We have some interesting weather to talk about, in the week ahead.  It starts with blazing heat this weekend, and then quickly shifts, as deep tropical moisture overspreads as a “sub-tropical” Gulf Low heads for Alabama this week.  The good news is, it will likely bring beneficial rains.

TODAY:  Hot.  Sunshine will dominate, mixed with a few clouds.  High around 93°.  Light winds.  Mainly clear tonight.  Low 63°

Records will be set in many states.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Big changes ahead. Mother’s Day will be a very hot day, indeed, with the big upper high on top of us.   The High could reach 94°  Even Monday will be at or above 90, but isolated showers will be around.  Tropical moisture from Gulf overspreads the area with widespread showers and thunderstorms Tuesday through Thursday.


GULF SUB-TROPICAL LOW:  With hurricane season less than 3 weeks away, our attention shifts to the Gulf of Mexico this week.  A low pressure area will develop and migrate northward into Alabama.  This low will have some tropical characteristics.  We’ll call it a “sub-tropical low”.  The main effects for Alabama will be the potential for some drenching, and beneficial rainfall.  We’ll continue to watch this low, but all indications are, the low will be relatively weak.


POTENTIAL RAINFALL:  We need rain.  This tropical low will certainly help.  How much rain will fall depends on which model you believe.  I have chosen to show you the Euro model in this case.  It indicates the potential of near 3” or even, in some cases, 4”+ in some spots.  In any case,  it’s likely that we will get a good deal of rainfall from this “sub-tropical Low”.    Florida will get some prolific rainfall totals, as well over the next few days, on the wet side of this lopsided low.   We’ll continue to monitor.

I’ll have another blog update tomorrow morning.  The next complete video update will be on Monday morning.  I hope you have a nice weekend.  To all Mom’s:  Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!



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