SUNDAY UPDATE:  Hot Mother’s Day – Tropical Rains This Week

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far.  Today should be a degree or two higher.  It’ll be a record Hot Mother’s Day over a multi-state area from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio Valley.  Monday will be 90+ again.  But, big changes are on the way, for the week ahead, as deep tropical moisture overspreads the area.  Rainfall amounts could be very beneficial.  Just what the doctor ordered.

TODAY:  It will be very hot, but not too humid.  Lots of sunshine will dominate.  Perhaps a couple isolated showers in the Wiregrass counties in SE Alabama.  Most of us will stay dry.  High could reach 94.  Low tonight 67.  (By the way, today’s record high looks safe.  I was pretty sure the record was 93 from 2000, but I found an even hotter day way back, 96 from 1891.  That record looks safe)

THE SET-UP: BIG CHANGES AHEAD:   The key to today’s weather is that big, sprawling  Heat bubble just west of Alabama.  Notice a “weakness” just west of Florida.  As the big high grows weaker by tomorrow.  That “weakness”, a small tropical or sub-tropical low, will drift slowly northward toward Alabama.  This will allow an influx of deep tropical moisture into the state, which will hang around at least 5-6 days.  A blocking pattern out west, will keep the deep moisture in place.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  Monday will be not only hot, but increasingly humid.  The heat index will soar into the 95-100 range.  Isolated showers and thundershowers will be around Monday. Coverage become much more numerous Tuesday through Friday, and beyond.  It won’t rain all the time.  Daily showers and thunderstorms will be scattered, and will reach a peak during the afternoon and evenings.  The activity will be a little less at night.


POTENTIAL RAINFALL:  When we look at this map, the key word is potential.  Actual rainfall amounts will be “uneven” and will vary quite a bit.  But, we could, finally see some much needed, beneficial rain over the next week, which will hopefully put a dent in the Drought.

To all Mom’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ll have a complete video update for you tomorrow morning and 4:45AM.  We’ll take another look at the big changes in the week ahead.  Have a great day!


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