Random Scattered Storms Each Day – Thursday Video

Good Morning!     More showers and thunderstorms are back in the forecast today.  There’s better news if you have outdoor plans for the weekend.  I’ve updated the risk for showers.  We’ll look at potential rainfall amounts. Could there be tropical activity in the Gulf during the Memorial Day weekend.  The global models say maybe.  Plus, the beach forecast, pollen update, on your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.


Once again today, random showers and storms will be around.  Feast or famine.  Some towns will get a lot of rain, other towns not so much.

I’ve adjusted the rainfall probabilities down a  bit for the nest few days.  With fewer showers and little more sun, highs will be back near 90 over the weekend.

Not a bad Beach Forecast for the weekend.  Random storms will be around, but that’s not unusual.

Some tropical trouble entering the Gulf of Mexico on Memorial Day Weekend?   Maybe.  Here’s a snapshot of two Global Models (The Euro and the Canadian) on Friday, May 25th.  We’re watching.  Hurricane season officially starts June 1st.






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