Updated Weekend Rain Chance – Friday Video

Good Morning!    We’re stuck in a pattern.  Once again today the radar will light up with a generous supply of showers & storms.  But, what about the weekend?  I have the updated rain chance for here and the Gulf coast beaches.  Tropical trouble coming out of the Caribbean over the Memorial Day weekend?  There’s more and more evidence that there will be tropical development.  The question is, where would a system like that end up.  There’s a lot riding on this because it’s a holiday, weekend.  I’ll show you 3 computer models, each with different solutions. I hope you have a couple of minutes to check out your Friday morning personal weather briefing.

The radar will light up again today with a generous supply of RANDOM storms

We are stuck in a pattern, with random showers and thunderstorms around each day.  Little day to day change.

Not a bad Beach Forecast for this weekend..

Models continue to indicate a tropical system will develop in the Caribbean and move northward.  Will it affect Florida or will this be more of a Gulf system.  Here’s three possible model solutions from the GFS, the Euro and the Canadian CMC model.  Stay tuned.  This may have a big impact on a lot of plans for a lot of people over the Memorial Day weekend.







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