Few and Far Between – Showers Become Scarce – MONDAY Video

Good morning!  Some of you had extremely heavy rain over the weekend.  Other towns had hardly any.  Today, with a big mound of high pressure building on top of us, showers should be rather scarce.  That trend may not last for long.  On this video, I’ll show the trends for the next week or so. Rain chances will vary quite a bit from day to day.  Plus, we’ll take a look out in the tropics, on your Monday morning personal weather briefing.

Storms ‘thin out’ today as high pressure builds on top of us in the upper atmosphere.


The trend to fewer storms does not last long.  Tropical moisture migrates back into the area as rain chances increase again by mid to late week.

Global models show another heat bubble builds over us by early next week. Here’s a look at the raw temperature guidance.

NHC has a low chance of tropical development in the west Gulf but torrential rainfall will drench much of coastal Texas.


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