Last Full Day of Spring – Wednesday Video

Good morning!    It’s the last full day of Spring.  Summer officially begins tomorrow, but it feels summer has been here for week.  Storms will be few and far between today.  But, on this video I’ll bring you up to date on return of scattered to numerous storms for late week.  Plus, we’ll look at the weekend for here and the beaches as the news gets a little better.  And, don’t look now:  There’s another stretch of very hot days on the horizon.

Again today…storms will be rather scarce, as the heat index reaches 100+ for the third day in a row.

Better rain chances make a big come back tomorrow and Friday.  Then, storms start to gradually thin out again over the weekend and early next week.

Not a bad beach forecast.  Decent chance you could run into a storm Friday, but storms thin out over the weekend.  A good Beach forecast.


The EURO model suggests that storms will be more numerous Thursday and Friday, then thinning out over the weekend and next week, as the heat builds.




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