4Th of July Holiday Weekend Forecast – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!  We are sort of in between disturbances today, which will bring the rain chances down for now.  On this video, I’ll update you on your odds of getting wet on the 4th of July and through the remainder of the long holiday weekend.  And there’s a couple of interesting features in the tropics that need to be monitored.


Today, we are kind of in between disturbances, so showers will be widely scattered or “isolated”.  With more sun and fewer showers Highs will be in the low to mid 90’s with a heat index near or above 100.


A Pretty routine 4th of July forecast with highs in the low 90’s and random, scattered “hit or miss” afternoon storms.

Notice how rain chances go up and down over the next few days, as a series of disturbances brush by the area.  Highs mostly in the lower 90’s

Much higher than normal rain chances at the beach through the Holiday weekend as a series of disturbances cross the northern Gulf coast from the east to west.  Moderate rip current risk  Gulf water temperature is 86.

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