Fewer Storms – Heat Builds – Tuesday Video

Good morning!  We are easing into a different pattern for a few days.  Fewer storms, more sun, hotter days… I’ll spell out the details on the smaller rain chance and the dangerous heat indices on the menu for the next few days.  How will that affect the weekend forecast?

As the high pressure ridge in the middle of the country expands eastward, look for fewer storms today and temperatures will continue to get hotter.







“Chris” is looking very healthy this morning off the Carolina coast.  With winds of 70 mph, it is very  close to hurricane intensity.  Today will be the day for Chris, before it accelerates rapidly to the NE.

If the Remnants of Beryl can survive its encounter with the mountains of Hispaniola today, NHC says it has a 50% chance of regenerating into a tropical cyclone.


The Beach forecast has improved quite a bit.

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