Heat, Humidity, Random Storms – THURSDAY Video

Good morning!    We make it to 96 yesterday with a 102 Heat Index and I think we’ll be in the same neighborhood today.  But what about showers?  There weren’t many yesterday.  I’ll show you future radar.  Some towns could get wet today. I’ve updated the weekend outlook.  Rain chances may get a little better.  Plus, I’ve got the latest on Chris and Beryl out in the Atlantic, on your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.

We’re headed back to the mid 90’s with a heat index above 100.  But, rain chances are a little better today than the last 2 days….maybe 30% coverage.


Rain chances will get a little better toward the weekend.  Still, though, not every town will get wet.  Meanwhile, the heat and humidity is still in place.

Pretty routine Beach Forecast this weekend with rain chances 30 to 40%.


We are having a terrible year with 13 lightning deaths in the US so far, and the Southeast US is the target area.


Chris is still a hurricane racing off to the NE in the North Atlantic.

Meanwhile, the remnants of Beryl, which is very disorganized, has a 50% chance of development in the next 5 days according to NHC. 



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