Weekend Rain Chances Improving – Friday the 13th Video

Happy Friday the 13th!  The intense summer heat is still in place, but your odds of encountering a cooling shower is getting better.  I’ll bring you up to date on our escalating weekend rain chances for here and the Gulf Coast beaches.  Some of us will be dodging weekend rain drops.  How long will the trend last?  We’ll take a peek into next week, and look for any signs of relief, including a tropical update.


Big heat can produce Big storms.  Look for dangerous triple digit heat indices today.  Scattered storms will cool off a few lucky towns.


Look for escalating rain chances this weekend and into early next week, with a better than normal chance of those pop up storms.


Chance of encountering a “pop-up” storm will increase each day through the weekend down at the Beach.  Much of the time will be dry.

NHC has now lowered the chance that Beryl will regenerate to 30%   The rest of the tropics are quiet.

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