Frontal Approach: Scattered Storms Today –Tuesday Video

Good Morning! An approaching frontal system will be a key player in Alabama’s weather, starting today, as it moves southward.  I’ll tell you how it will have a direct affect on our forecast.  We’ll look ahead to the weekend, which is coming into clearer focus.   Could there be something tropical near the Southeast US coast by the weekend?  Perhaps even a tropical storm?  At least a couple of models are more than hinting at this.  With your toast and coffee this morning, I hope you have a couple of minutes to watch your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing on this election day.

A southward moving front will be a player over the next couple of days.  Best rain chances northern half of the state today, and the southern half of the state tomorrow.

Good chance of showers and storms on Wednesday, but storms should thin out in number on Thursday and Friday, as the heat rebuilds back to the middle 90’s.

Could we see a tropical depression or even maybe a tropical storm by this weekend?  The Euro model strongly hints at this.

Even the Canadian global model is also hinting at Tropical Trouble.




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