Hotter Days Ahead – Fewer Storms – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!  Once again today, radar is likely to be colorful with a generous supply of showers and storms.  But, on this video, I’ll tell you about some weekend changes as storms start to thin out and our temperatures begin to soar once again.  More like a normal August.  But, even that pattern may not last for long.  We’ll take a look ahead.  Plus, area you headed to the Beach?  I have updated the rain chance.


Today, that upper trough west of us will help funnel moisture northward from the coast.  Once again today, there will be a generous supply of showers and storms, but for the fourth day in a row, we should stay well below 90.


Storms start to gradually “thin out” a bit over the next few days.  Fewer storms and more sun will help the temperatures soar back to the 90’s again.

It’s been a simply awful week at the Beach, with numerous showers and storms. Today will be no exception.  The trend will be for somewhat lower rain chances by Sunday.

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