Rare Summer Treat – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  The front that came through overnight is good news for our forecast for the next couple of days.  Gradually, the humidity level will come down, and we’ll take a break from storms for a couple of days. But this “nicer air” may not be around for  long.  On this video, I’ll break down the details for the rest of week and through the weekend.  Plus, some very interesting news in the tropics..on the Pacific side.


Drier air pushes that front into the Gulf this afternoon.  Storms will be off the radar today and tomorrow and tonight will be slightly cooler.

The key to everything in the summer, of course, if the dewpoint.  The dewpoint, which is still in the 70’s  early this morning will drop a few points into the 60’s by this afternoon..  You will feel the difference.

Tomorrow afternoon, the dewpoint will be even a tad lower.  This will feel NICE!

Humidity will start to creep back Friday with small rain chances.  It’s business as usual this weekend with lower 90’s and scattered random storms,



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