SUNDAY UPDATE: Hot Days Ahead – Very Few Storms

Good Morning!  This will be a rather brief update this morning, because, we have a rather routine summer pattern  The biggest story….a series of hot days ahead, and storms will be few and far between, particularly today.  Again today, the big player happens to be that big upper ridge, which suppresses showers and promotes some very hot days.  I’m here in St.Louis this morning at the National Weather Association Conference where today, its even hotter than Montgomery with an Excessive Heat Warning inn effect. Fortunately we will be in cool conference rooms from about 8:30 to 5.  Outside the heat index may be as high as 108.

Here’s a very hot Upper Air map, showing the big heat ride dominating the Gulf states.

TODAY:   Much like yesterday, high temperatures will soar into the low 90’s, and the heat index will be getting dangerously closer to triple digits.  Yesterday, there were a couple of stray showers on radar.  Again, today, they will be few and far between, with rain chances generally less than 20%.  Tonight’s low was 73.  Yesterday we had a nice easterly breeze.  Today winds will be east at 5-10 mph.

FUTURE RADAR: Remember, never take Future Radar literally, as far as storm placement.  The point of showing you this mid afternoon snapshot is to underline the fact that showers will be very rare today.  You see a few specks on the radar here and there.  You may want to get out the sprinklers.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  Hot days will dominate this last week of August.  Highs will easily be in the low to mid 90’s with triple digit heat indices.  Scattered “hit or miss” storms will be around each day.  Routine.  Rain chances get just a little more numerous by late week.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND TEASE:  Labor Day Weekend is traditionally thought as the “end of summer”.  Take a look at the expected upper air pattern on Labor Day.  If this verifies, it will be sizzling hot.  Stand by.  We’ll watch it.


Today is an important day for us here at the National Weather Association Conference.  Although, meteorologists  from all segments of the meteorological world are here this week, today is the Broadcaster’s Workshop.  We have quite an agenda.  Yesterday I was a tourist, today I will be listening and learning with a couple hundred of this nation’s broadcast meteorologist. Happy and proud to be here.

I’ll have a complete video will be Monday morning by 4:45AM from here in St. Louis, as we look at an exciting weather week ahead.  Have a great Sunday.


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