Extremely Dangerous Florence Edges Closer – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  The winds in Florence has come down, but the storm is larger now and the danger for the Carolinas is increasing as the storm gets closer.  So, what about the models?  Will the storm’s erratic movement affect Alabama?  Plus, the latest on that Gulf system.  Will we see tropical storm Kirk?  And, don’t give up on Isaac yet.  I’ll explain why we need to keep track of this storm.  I have an update on your weekend rain chance on a special edition of your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.


More random showers and storms again today.

Rain chances thin out quite a bit next few days because of the drying effect around the outskirts of the hurricane.

The tropics are as about as busy as it ever gets,

Latest forecast cone on Florence, now a Cat 2 Hurricane with 110 mph winds.


Isaac may just be a rather unimpressive Tropical Storm when it moves into the Caribbean , but don’t write Isaac off yet.  It still could have a future some day in the Gulf.


Invest 95-L in the Gulf still has a 60% chance of developing into a depression or a tropical storm before it reaches Texas.  The next name available on the list is Kirk.

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