SUNDAY UPDATE:  Better Rain Chances in the Week Ahead

Welcome to the first full day of Fall!  But, alas, today will be just another summer day.  Yesterday’s high was 93, with a heat index of 101.  Today will be similar.  But, if your yard has been missing those random showers, the rain chances are going to get much better in the week ahead.  And, because of the increase and clouds and showers, our highs will back off a few degrees to the upper 80’s  Still looking for that first nice, fall cool front.  Unfortunately, that wait is on hold for now.  More below.

Here’s the set-up for the next few days.  With high pressure to the east and low pressure to the west, a southerly flow will bring in plenty of Gulf moisture, which spells a much better chance of rain.

TODAY:   Look for a pretty typical summer day, on this first full day of Fall.  Lots of sunshine, mixed with some PM clouds.  High near 93.  Heat Index near 100.  Low tonight 73.  Widely scattered storms.  Like yesterday, coverage will be about 20%.

NEXT FEW DAYS:    Looks like a generous supply of showers and storms each day this week.  It appears the days with the denser coverage of showers will be Monday and Thursday.  Storms will be most numerous in the afternoon & evening.  Because of the increased showers and clouds, we may actually stay below 90 for a few days.  Very humid each day, though.

TROPICAL UPDATE:  The big board looks a little busy.  The two most interesting features are Invest 98-L, which could tease the southeast US coast, and way out in the far east Atlantic,

Tropical Storm Kirk.  Kirk is the system which could threaten the Caribbean islands later this week.  Spaghetti models take Kirk in through the Caribbean next several days.  Will it affect our part of the world some day.  Maybe.  Too early to say.


FRONTAL DELAY:   As I mentioned on yesterday’s blog, unfortunately the “nice break” we hoped for is on an indefinite delay.  Here’s a snapshot of Thursday morning.  The nice air, which covers much of America, make it as close as Little Rock and Memphis, before retreating.

Right, now I can’t see any definitive date when a meaningful front will arrive anytime soon.  Those hopes, sadly, have faded for now.  I’ll keep watching and I’ll let you know.

Hope you had a chance to check out that excellent Space Station flyover last night!   Many of you did.  Some of you had cloud issues in your town.  It was spectacular and very bright here in East Montgomery.  The Full Harvest Moon and the bright planet Mars in the southern sky was just awesome. I’ll have a complete video update online in the morning at 4:45AM. Have a great Sunday!   I’ll see you in the morning.


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