Good morning!  Whether you are headed to the Alabama National Fair today, or one of many big home Football games in the state, your chances of encountering a random storm is relatively low today.  A little disturbance will come in play tomorrow.  So, on Sunday, your odds of running into one of those “hit or miss” storms is better tomorrow than today.  However, in the week ahead, look for a much different pattern.  By mid to late week, storms will be scarce to none, as upper level high pressure builds over the region. While the ridge will keep us dry, it will also stop any potential cool fronts from entering our state.  Extended summer will roll on.

TODAY:  Storms will be widely scattered, at best… not more than 20-30% coverage.  Partial sunshine.  Plan on another humid day with highs in the mid to upper 80’s.  There are lots of big home football games in the state today, including  Bama at 11:00AM, Auburn’s homecoming game at 3:00PM, and Troy plays at 2:30, to name a few.

NEXT FEW DAYS:    The best rain chance, in the week ahead, will be on Sunday, at 50/50.  But, after a wet week last week, the week ahead will feature few storms. In fact, by mid to late week, perhaps no storms, as the upper high ridge builds across the Gulf states and becomes stronger.

TROPICAL UPDATE:   Sub-tropical storm Leslie continues far out in the Atlantic.  Kirk has weakened to a Post Tropical Low pressure wave, in the hostile, wind shear environment of the Caribbean.   Yes, it is possible that someday, Kirk could experience “life after death” again.  Some of the models keep the hope alive into the west Caribbean.  We will monitor it’s future movement.  The rest of the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf are quiet.


There will be another Blog update first thing Sunday morning. Have a nice weekend!


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