Much Cooler Weekend – Colder Next Week –FRIDAY Video


Happy Friday!  If you like weather changes, this video is for you.  A cold front on the way will deliver another batch of showers & storms before much cooler air overspreads the area just in time for the weekend.  But, meanwhile, the bigger story involves next week.  Get ready for a little taste of “the Real Deal Cold”air straight from the North Pole.  I’ll fill in the details and tell how cold, and when.  We’ll look at potential wind chill numbers, too.  Plus, a peek later into the month of November.  I’ll fill you in on all the big changes ahead on your Friday morning personal weather briefing.


Two Cold Fronts today.  The first one brings the rain.  The second one by late tonight delivers the sharply cooler air for the weekend.

But everybody the cold front next week.  It’s “The Real Deal”   Showers and storms ahead of it Monday and then windy & dramatically colder behind it Tuesday.

No doubt about this cold air.  It’s straight from the pole to the Gulf states.  Coldest air of the season so far.

How cold.  Here’s Wednesday morning.  At or below freezing in central and south Alabama, and 20’s north.  Wind Chills will fall to the low 20’s.  Wednesday’s high will not make it out of the 40’s.

Cool weekend.  Wet Monday.  Dramatically colder Tuesday and Wednesday.  Coldest so far.





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