Drenching Rains – Colder Days Ahead –MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  There is just no way to sugarcoat the forecast for the next 2-3 days. Dismal. From cool & wet, with drenching rains, to COLD and wet.. How much rain could we see?  When will we see the sun again?  I’ll walk you through the nasty details and I think you smile when you see the weekend forecast.  Plus, believe it or not, there’s actually something new in the tropics to track.


Very dismal series of days, from cool & wet today with rain and thunderstorms.  Locally heavy rainfall.  Tomorrow is still wet, but colder with falling temps.  Wednesday, the rain hangs in from time to time on a cold November day.

Here’s the GFS on the drenching rain potential between now and Thursday morning.  Many of us could see more than 3 inches of rain.

The EURO model is even wetter…

The string of terrible days continues through Wednesday.  Rain should taper off Thursday morning, followed by nicer weather as we approach the weekend.  Quite chilly at times….


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