Rain will End – Get Ready for Weekend Sunshine–– FRIDAY Video

Good Morning!  Since the rain and the clouds first arrived…this is Day 9.  But, it’s also the last day.  After this storm system moves out of the way, we’re in for a nice stretch of days with sunshine returning and mild temperatures.  On this video, we’ll look ahead.  I’ll fill in on a great first weekend of January.  How long will it last?  Plus, sac the distant horizon.  When will harsh winter air return to the United States?  I’ll bring you up to date.  It’s Friday morning personal weather briefing with your toast and coffee.

Today…cloudy.  The big rain exits early.  Scattered showers continue.  Breezy.  Temps will fall into the 50’s Colder tonight.


Sunshine makes a big comeback this weekend, with highs in the 60’s.


After nine days of clouds and rain, it looks like a nice string of days ahead, with somewhat cooler air by the middle of next week.

Briefly cooler by Mid week with perhaps some isolated showers Tuesday.

There will be some ups and downs from time to time, but for the most part, the Climate Prediction Center says the arctic flood gatres are basically closed for the next two weeks.


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