Tropical Rains: Significant Rainfall Totals Next Few Days – FRIDAY Video

Good Morning!  Many towns had close to an inch of rain in the last 24 hours, and that’s just a start.  There’s still the potential for several more inches more through the next 6 days.  Tropical downpours. Localized street flooding is not out of the question, at times.  How much rain can we expect?   For how many days?  What about the Beaches?   I’ll address all of this on your very WET Friday morning personal weather briefing

The surface weather map, and even more important, the upper level map showing Alabama on the Wet side of low pressure, which spells excessive rain.  Tropical downpours.

Rain, rain and more rain next several days…

Heaviest rainfall by far looks like the eastern 2/3 of Alabama.  Even heavier rain east of us in Georgia.  Excessive rainfall next several days.

Unfortunately, the  news about the Beach Forecast for the weekend and beyond is pretty awful.  Take a look at the potential rainfall map.  I see a 10.5″ bulls eye near Destin, for an example…9″ Panama City.  Awful.

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