Tropical Downpours: Drenching Weekend Rainfall – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  After 24 days with no rain, yesterday the Airport in Montgomery finally had .01”.  The prospects for several inches of rain across the southeastern states over the weekend remain high.  Tropical downpours will could lead to urban flooding at times.  But, the temperatures will be held down for a few days.  How long will the drenching rains remain in place?  How much rain could fall?  When will start to dry out?  I’ll walk you through the details as we look ahead to a radical change in our hot/parched pattern of the last few weeks.


And it begins today… Periods of showers and thunderstorms.  Copious amounts of tropical moisture.  Locally heavy rainfall.

Periods of heavy rain at times through Monday.  Highs in the 80’s.  Rain chances start to taper down and eventually come to a close Tuesday.

These numbers speak for themselves.  This is the potential rainfall totals over the next 5 days.  Prolific, significant rainfall totals in spots.  Localized urban flooding in some of the heavier Tropical Downpours.

After a string of very nice Beach Weekends, there’s nothing nice I can say about this weekend.  Improvement at the beach will begin by about next Tuesday or Wednesday.



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