Rain Chances Ramping Up – Significant Rainfall Amounts Next Few Days – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Let me put it to you this way.  We are about to have a serious rainfall EVENT across the Gulf South over the next 6 days.  Copious amounts of moisture will cause relentless tropical downpours and potential flooding.  If you have weekend plans to go to the Beach, bring a book.  On this video, I’ll show you how this will unfold over the next couple of days, and through the weekend, into the start of next week.  We’ll also look at the amazing potential rainfall totals.  It’s a video I hope you watch this morning, as we get ready for a significant amount of rain.

Today is a day of transition.  After today we are done with the 90’s for several days.  Scattered thunderstorms will populate the radar later this afternoon and this evening.

Rain chances listed on this graphic are rather conservative.  Occasional extremely heavy tropical downpours will be roaming around from time to time over the next several days.

This is just one of the more reasonable rainfall potential maps I could show you.  This is the blended model rainfall potential for the next several days through Tuesday evening.  The numbers speak for themselves without any comment needed.

Truly AWFUL weekend Beach Forecast.  Take a book.  It doesn’t rain in the restaurants.

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