Summer Begins – HEAT ADVISORY in Effect


Welcome to Summer!  The first HEAT ADVISORY has been issued for much of central and southwest Alabama. Dangerous Heat Indices of 103 to 108 are expected with this extremely high humidity. Stay hydrated and limit sun exposure. More triple digit heat indices this weekend 

(Early morning update):

Welcome to Summer!  It officially begins at 10:54 AM.  The Summer Solstice.  And, it will feel like summer, with triple digit heat indices.  In fact this first weekend of summer will sizzle.  What the storm chances?  We’ll track a storm cluster all the way from Nebraska to Alabama. Plus, the Beach Forecast and a peak into next week.


Hot & Humid first day of summer, with mid 90’s and maybe some spotty storms daytime.

Could that Nebraska complex of storms slide into Alabama in the wee hours of tomorrow morning?  Perhaps.  Some strong, maybe even severe.

Heat index will be nearing the 105 danger range today and again Saturday and Sunday.

Triple digit heat indices highlight a very Hot & Steamy first weekend of Summer.  Only widely scattered storms.

Even at the Beach this weekend, look for the Heat index to reach the 100 to 105 range!  HOT FUN in the summertime.



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