Fewer Storms – Hotter Days – TUESDAY Video

Good morning…on the First Day of School for thousands!  It’s going to be a Hot Day with a heat index teasing triple digits.  Spotty “splash and dash” storms will be fewer in number.  But, what about the rest of the week.  Rain chances will be up and down over the week ahead and through the weekend.  I’ll walk you through the details.  We may see some dangerous heat indices before this week is over.

Storms will thin out in number today.  Fewer storms will lead to hotter days.  The heat index will be near 100 today.

Later in the week, the Heat Index will tease the 105 Danger Range.

Mid 90s through the end of the week.  Rain chances start to spike a bit more by the weekend as a front approaches from the north.


The tropics are quiet….


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