Near 100 Next Two Days – Not Quite as Muggy For Now – FRIDAY Video

Good morning!  Happy Friday.  It continues to be hot.  Very HOT.  We’ll tease the 100 degree mark again today and tomorrow.  Fortunately, the humidity has come down a bit. It’s not as muggy.   And, that trend will for another day or two before the humidity makes a big comeback. On this video, I’ll tell you when showers & storms and extreme humidity will return to our forecast. And, we’ll next into next week.  We’ll be watching the western Gulf of Mexico by then.
Near 100 again today and tomorrow, but at least it’s not quite as muggy.
The Dewpoints will reach a low point today and Saturday afternoon.  So it won’t be nearly as muggy as we were a few days ago,   BUT, look the graph.  Do you see the Dewpoints skyrocketing Sunday and the crazy extreme humidity returns?  It’ll be back to business as usual.
Dry and HOT through Saturday.  Humidity and showers and storms increase Sunday through Wednesday.
High humidity continues at the beach.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be roaming around each day.  Best chance will be Sunday.


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