Still Very HOT – But Humidity Will Improve a Little – THURSDAY Video

Good morning!  We’re not going to see a VAST improvement.  We still have some very HOT days ahead. But, the humidity will come down a notch or two, and I think that will help a little.  Down in southeast Alabama, you may not notice any change.  Showers exit the forecast for a couple of days. But, for how long?  What about the weekend?  I’ll show you when the humidity returns in full force.  And, we’ll check the tropics, too.

The front will reach SE Alabama this morning and south of Dothan by this evening.  It will push out the higher humidity levels for a couple of days.  Still Crazy Hot.  Upper 90’s… Showers exit the forecast until about Sunday.


The Awful Humidity goes away for a little while.  It will feel somewhat better especially across the northern half of the state, with lower dewpoints for 2-3 days.

The ridiculous humidity levels will start to migrate northward Saturday evening, and will dominate the area on Sunday.

EXTREMELY HOT, next few days.  The risk of showers and storms are back by Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Terrible humidity levels at the Beach through the weekend.  Scattered thunderstorms.

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