Rain Chances Will Improve Next Few Days –WEDNESDAY Video

Good morning!  Get ready for a rather routine August day.  Hot, Humid, scattered, random “hit or miss” storms. If your town is still in need of a nice downpour, hang on.  The prospects are getting better, especially Friday through Sunday, as a front approaches the state.  That could effect some outdoor plans.  I have updated the rain chance for the weekend.  And, in the Tropics …say hello to Chantal in the Atlantic.  Could we see some Gulf mischief next few days?  I have the latest on your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.


Routine day today.  Mid 90’s   Heat index 100+   Scattered storms.  That front in Iowa will be a weekend player.


Rain chances will spike Friday through Sunday with the help on an approaching front which will act as the focus for generous coverage on those weekend showers and storms.

Sol the best rain chance days will be Friday through Sunday.  Fingers crossed!   We need every drop….

A birth in the Tropics while you slept.  Say hello to Tropical Storm Chantal.

Meanwhile the EURO model advertises some possible future tropical mischief in our backyard next few days.   We’ll be watching.












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