TUESDAY UPDATE:  The Heat Goes On – Spotty, Random Relief

Good morning!  More intense heat today!  Heat index will be in triple digits, but just below heat index criteria.  There were a few healthy storms roaming around yesterday.  Some put on quite a show.  There were a few warnings.  Today storms will be few and far between.  When can we expect relief?  We have our eyes on that third weekend of September.

TODAY:   A HOT day.  High in the upper 90’s again.  Heat index 102 to 105.  Widely scattered, random storms.  Tonight’s low 73.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Still hot.   Upper 90’s through Thursday.  Mid 90’s Friday.  A little lower over the weekend.  Spotty storms.

LONGER RANGE:  For many days I have been teasing you.  The third weekend in September offers big hope for nicer air, lower humidity and cooler nights.

THE TROPICS:  First, we don’t care about Gabrielle.  A tropical wave coming into the Bahamas needs to be watched as it moves northwest.  In the Gulf of Mexico it could perhaps develop into a Tropical Low.  The EURO model indicates a 50-60% chance.  Meanwhile there is Invest 94-L and another Area to Watch.


Today, I am still at the NWA Weather Conference in Huntsville.

Tomorrow we are back to normal.  I will have a complete video update online tomorrow morning at 4:45AM.  Have a great Day today!


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