Brutal Heat Again Today – Widely Scattered Relief – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  I wish I had better news.  Today will be another of day of Dangerous Intense Heat.  Yesterday we had a record high of 100, with a heat index of 108.  Today will be almost a carbon copy.  Spotty relief in the form of a few random showers will dot the radar screen for a handful of lucky towns perhaps.  Oh, but do see some nicer air a few days away.  I’ll bring you up to date here on your morning video from our NWA Weather Conference in Huntsville.


I’ve got the afternoon rain chances at 20%…so there will be spotty relief, otherwise more brutal heat.  HEAT ADVISORY in effect.  Heat index as high as 106 to 109.

Tiny rain chances in the forecast for the next couple of days… Meanwhile the intense Late Summer Heat continues.

Hang on!   Around the third weekend of September the models continue to advertise nice relief.  Thge GFS hints at some morning lows in the 50’s!



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