Nice Change! – Tolerable Temps and Humidity – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!  It feels so much better early this morning.  Comfortable.  Our “nice change” continues today.  Tolerable humidity.  A little easterly breeze.  Comfortably cool tonight.  But, still dry.  On this video, we’ll look into the future.  Spoiler alert: it will get hotter again.  But, when can we expect any significant rainfall?  I have the extended outlook and a update on the tropics.


Did you like yesterday?   You’ll love today.  Our nice change continues, with tolerable temps, and humidity and another easterly breeze.  Comfortably cool tonight.

TOLERABLE weekend weather.  Really nice.  Still Dry, though.

Unfortunately we’re still dry next several days.  We will heat back to the mid 90’s Monday through Wednesday.

NEW DROUGHT MONITOR just out, shows an expanding drought in Alabama. Now 48% of the state is at least Level 1, and about 15% of Alabama is in moderate or severe drought.  

The prospects for rain in the next seven days looks awful in Alabama.

Jerry is now at Cat 2 hurricane in the tropical Atlantic with 105 mph winds.  Looks like it WILL make the Atlantic curve and have an encounter with Bermuda early next week.

There are three other Areas To Watch, from the Caribbean east to Africa.  These are low latitude systems and we’ll have to monitor their future paths very carefully for future Tropical Mischief in the Gulf.



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