Nice Heat Relief! – But, Still Dry – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  You will feel a big difference today.  After two 103 degree days, today will be about 13 degrees cooler, with a nice breeze!   The nights will pleasantly cooler.  How long will it last?   Spoiler alert: mid 90s will return in a few days.  We’ll look for raindrops on the horizon.  How long will this month-long dry pattern continue?  Plus, I have an update on the tropics, too.


The “backdoor cool front” has made it all the way through the state.  NICE heat relief today.   NICE breeze, too.  Cooler tonight, too.

We’ll be about 14 degrees cooler today at 4PM.  How about that!  It’s even cooler and nicer in GA and the Carolinas.

Comfortable for the next 3 days at least.  Tolerable humidity.  Cooler nights.  Hotter again Monday & Tuesday…still dry.

This looks ugly!   Rain prospects in Alabama for the next 7 days look dismal.

Humberto is a Cat 3 hurricane moving into the open Atlantic.  Jerry is almost a hurricane.  Two other areas to watch.

Jerry will become a hurricane today.  The official NHC forecast cone turns Jerry to the north before it gets to the Bahamas and the SE US.



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