“Backdoor” Heat Relief Soon – 10% Rain Chance Today – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer so far with a record high of 103.  We’re headed for triple digit record high territory again today.  But, some nice heat relief is on the way.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll shave close to 10 degrees of the daytime highs, with lows falling to the 60’s.  It will be a nice, and very noticeable change.  On this video, we’ll look ahead.  Are the any raindrops on the way?  Could there be  a couple of stray showers today? Our desperate search for rain continues.  Will we get any help from the tropics?


RECORD HIGH likely today, But, that blue line indicates a backdoor cool front which will bring us a little late week heat relief.  Could there be a stray shower along that front later?   Maybe…  I have the rain chances generally under 20%.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the summer so far.  Today, good chance we’ll tie or break the record.

HEAT relief next few days.  You will feel the difference….still dry though.

When the 7 day rainfall outlook has NO RAIN in Alabama that’s both are and concerning.

Imelda is dropping heavy rain over Texas.  Humberto is now a major Cat 3 hurricane in the Atlantic.  Jerry was just born in the tropical Atlantic and there are two more areas to watch.

Welcome to the world JERRY, a tropical storm and future hurricane, born at 4AM this morning.



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