Tiny Rain Hope – More Record HEAT Ahead – Drought Update –FRIDAY Video

Good Morning!  There were a few precious raindrops, here and there, yesterday, and again today, a couple of isolated showers could bring smiles, perhaps, to a few lucky towns.  I have the rain chance under 20%, but not zero.  BUT, the large scale drought goes on and its  getting worse.  We’ll look at the rain prospects for the next week, and beyond.  The other side of the coin is the Extreme Heat.  Yesterday we shattered the Record High with 100.  That’s only Day 2 of records.  This record string could easily continue for several more days, well into next week.  Will we get any help from the tropics?   I have the updated weekend details on your Friday morning video


Yesterday the coverage of isolated raindrops was about 10%.   Today perhaps 15% of the area might get a few drops.  Good luck.  Otherwise extreme heat.  High near 100.  Third day of record highs.


The Upper Level Heat Wave High will not budge for several days.  The total string of back to back Record High days could total NINE days, perhaps through Thursday October 3rd.  Unprecedented.

Not only very HOT, but also dry for the next several days.

New Drought Monitor Map shows 83% of the state in some level of Drought.  Severe Drought conditions exist in parts of Coosa, Tallapoosa and in parts of Southeast Alabama.  Many of us are in the moderate drought area.

The Rain prospects for the next seven days are dismal.






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