Warm & Dry Now – Weekend Cold Front Bring a Big Change – WEDNESDAY Video

Good morning!   Our nights and mornings have been nice.  Our afternoons will be teasing 90 for the next 3 days.  But, are you ready for a “chilly” morning in the not too distant future?  Get ready!  Another cold front arrives by Saturday.  Saturday night could be jacket weather.  Our pattern is getting more active.  Could we see three cold fronts in the next 12 days?  We’ll search for potential raindrops, too.


Comfortable morning start…but a very warm day ahead.  High 88 to 90.  (We had 90 yesterday)   Rain chance about 10%.


Comfortable nights but hot days through Friday with very tolerable humidity.  Slight chance of a shower with the front late Friday night into Saturday.  NICE Fall Air behind the front for the weekend!

Hopefully that band of showers will give us a few raindrops Friday night ahead of the next Cold Front.   Get ready for some really nice air behind the front this weekend.

Check out these spectacular lows Sunday morning around Dawn.  COOLEST air of the season so far,

There will be another cold front my the middle of next week.

So.  This is RAW GFS temperature guidance.  Try not to focus on specific numbers.  We’re just looking at trends.  Cold front Saturday, another cold front next week and another one the following week.  Jackets ready?  Some nights you may need them.

Really NICE Talladega Race Weekend Forecast!



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